Take complete control of your Augmented Reality experience

Origin is a context-aware, Markerless SDK that makes AR integration in your app a fast, simple, robust process

Context awareness that prevents embarrassing mistakes

Context Engine powered by Deep Learning, that’s able to differentiate between indoors and outdoors, walls, floors and tables easily.



Completely markerless for a natural experience

Our state of the art SLAM algorithms enable 6 degree of freedom positional tracking. No dependency on Printed Markers or GPS.

Positional Tracking

AR as a Service. No more bulky integrations needed

Get what you need, in just the right amounts that you need it in, and pay for only what your usage actually. Sounds more than fair, right?


File size reduction
Super-fast integration, only 15 minutes
Build once and deploy across iOS, Android and Unity3D
Works perfectly for applications of all scales

Origin applied in industries





Upcoming Features

Realistic Lighting

API for developers to add realistic lighting to the content just like in the real world

Geo Tagging

Persistent AR content for outdoors by combining GPS data in our markerless tracking


Parse map in realtime but complete control of the map density as time goes by.