Take complete control of your Augmented Reality experience

A context-aware, Markerless SDK that makes AR 
integration in your app a fast, simple, robust process

ARaaS™: The world's first cloud-based markerless AR engine

AR as a Service allows our properietary SLAM to deliver rich, seamless experiences, independent of a device's hardware.

Intelligent Context Engine: Show what you want, where you want it

Place the right content in the right space, with our deep learning powered environment recognition engine.

World Tagging: The world as a digital canvas

Scan large outdoor environments and add virtual content over them accurately. Annotate and make edits over the real world.

Multiplayer AR: Collaborative Experiences, Across Platforms

Share AR data with collaborators. View and interact with augmented content together, across multiple sessions and platforms.

Intelligent ARCore Support

Switch form ARaaS to ARCore on supported devices.

Easy to Use Unity API

Build powerful AR apps within Unity 3D using minimal code.

Android SDK Support

Build lightweight Android native apps.

Upcoming Features

WebXR support

No more app installs! Run Origin on any smartphone using Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Native iOS and Intelligent ARkit support

Adaptively switch on ARkit supported devices for a native experience.

Origin Web Portal

Configure services and customize Origin according to your AR needs without any code.